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Dirty Hind

Posted in chivalrous, executed with precision, if I crouch down nobody can see me, insightful, intentional, no shame, zen on May 3, 2009 by mjb


Shitting With the Alien

Posted in accidental, chivalrous with tags , on August 1, 2008 by legrandek

The Oshiterati

Posted in chivalrous, pain, shame with tags , , on July 28, 2008 by howrad

Greatest sHits (1985-1995)

Posted in bold, chivalrous, no shame, proud clencher with tags on February 1, 2008 by howrad

Songs of Pain

Posted in chivalrous, zen with tags , , , on January 30, 2008 by elfbutter


Posted in chivalrous, melodramatic, no shame with tags , on January 29, 2008 by elfbutter